Obitus Arbor Gratia

by Templum Anima Morti

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Kjell H. Iversen
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Kjell H. Iversen Dirty and raw. TAM manages to keep the intensity and the agression throughout the whole album. Reminds me of early Emperor and Rex Satanchia.
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released December 30, 2016



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Templum Anima Morti Russia

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Track Name: Obitus Arbor Gratia
The Tree is piercing the souls through..
Wails of impaled hangedmen
are mirrored in bitter menstruations of Abysm,
anointed on xyloid phallus of Celestials` will.

Ipsation cult of frigid ones
who crave venomous saps of the bliss,
who drag the cross to the Tree,
outgrown from reveries..

Obitus Arbor Gratia
ulcer in the stem inclined and oppressed..
the falling Tree of Grace..

Denial of the promised Bread
by That who originally abhors the stench of Being!
Devouring the dirt that sucked his heel in,
who vomits out feathers of the Winged!

Exhaustion of the lepers..
Anathema upon the fiend..
Track Name: Sculptor Shatters the Sculpture
Collector of maimed statues
faithful to the Pastor of decomposed souls
apears as a potter of amorphous clay
before the Hammerer of forbidden vector on knees!

The lifeless antifetus begotten without flesh,
shaves in oblivion of impersonality
with blade over atrophied substance of words!

Sculpture.. metamorphosis of the dust..
degradation of the canon..
Sculptor.. in apotheosis of mental amputation
Sculptor hacks out the Sculpture!

Ephemerality of planes is flowing
as ebullient pitch down mutilated faces,
only exposing obscurantism of indifference
with demoniac laughter foretasting acausal pain!

Sculptor shatters the Sculpture!
Track Name: The Blindman Stared Through
Asexuality of impartiality.. while the platonic warfare
tearing off the leaf of disgrace, dressing the black robe of abstinence,
concealing under the spectral hood the abstract face..

Dispersing refracted light beams, unable to pierce through
the unwieldy eyelid into omnivorous hole of devastation.

Frozen over silent epitaph the Blindman stared through..

With the hand that turns bread into stone, fumbling the seeds of vanity
of the feeble echoes of memory.. scars bleed no more.
Worms along the opened veins, stigmas upon the pale eyes withered by leprosy.

Lustrating their white shrouds, dusting their heads with ashes,
embraced by burial veils they who had been ever and never!

Deceased under silent epitaph the Blindman stared through..
Track Name: Whose Name is Impossible to Utter
In the stench of excrements the possesed ones by fever of the Horned!
Black grass under the black light of Him whose name..

Underground grandees idling on couches of rot,
lords of flyes on thrones of dung berhymed by cough of lepers.
Manifest of sin impossible to accomplish,
in the name of Him whose name is impossible to utter!

This is hunger of gangrene, bloody reflection of hyenas,
pruritus of pests naming, omnivorous corrosion of icons.

This is trembling of the ground, worms inside ancient sarcophagus,
in the ring of sabotage against time gnawing off their tails!
Manifest of sin impossible to accomplish,
under the sign of Him whose name is impossible to utter!
Track Name: Bleeding from the Eye of Omniscience
Inertness seduced into fluidity of continuum,
into the levitation of pseudo-Singularity
catalyzing impulsations of primeval will,
into the dance of furious spheroidal circulation
tearing the axes of non-recreational potential apart!

Claustrophobia in phantom pain..
Ipsism while self-flagellation..
Narrowness of the own gravitation
spins up the kaleidoscope of sufferings.

The Eye of Beholder craves to behold Itself inside!
Delirious in agony, the rotting Creator
is picking fragments of his putrid flesh up from the ground..
The ancient morbid Eye is cursed inside Itself!

The Eye of Omniscience in the center of triangle..
the black hole in the web of substructures..

Penetration of Matricide inside the Temple
through the portal of nonexistent vertex,
and by the hand of the chosen Fiend
the dagger is plunged from reflection into gaze!

Let the Sin be done!
The final ritual of the soul immolation..

The blood of Immortal streams down the horns
pointed not heavenward but through.
Besprinkling the altar of apostasy
the Eye of Beholder craves to behold Itself inside!